A Wise Latina reminds us how the 9/11 tragedy brought us together, but today hate is tearing us apart

9/11 Fountain Memorial Photo by Rebecca Aguilar
9/11 Fountain Memorial
Photo by Rebecca Aguilar

Jessica Yanez-Perez is like many Americans today, remembering the tragedy of 9/11. But she also reminds us that 9/11 brought us together as a country, and brought us together as proud Americans. We were standing against those who would try to hurt our country, and hurt our people.

But what has happened since then? Why is there so much hate within the American people? Why are groups turning on each other in the country of “the land of the free and the home of the brave”?

Listen to Jessica’s heartfelt message.

Thank you Jessica for reminding us that hate gets us no where, and what is important today is to understand and respect each other.

Rebecca Aguilar is a freelance journalist and the founder of Wise Latinas Linked, largest virtual group of Latinas on Facebook and LinkedIn.