Latinas stand strong and united after 2016 election

Latina sisters do not fear our future.

Our Latino community proved during the 2016 election that we are a powerful group with a strong voice and vote. For those who did not support President-elect Donald Trump we have to accept the fact that he is now our leader. We have to give him chance to unite us.

I have heard you loud and clear on our Wise Latina Linked pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I recorded this video message to all of you right after meeting with a group of concerned Latinas. 

Let’s keep an open mind and heart and hope President-elect Trump will be a man who understands division gets us no where, united we are a stronger country.

Rebecca Aguilar is the founder of Wise Latinas Linked and an award-winning reporter.

Wise Latinas Linked has moved to WordPress

Wise Latinas Linked has moved its blog to WordPress from Blogger. We were with Blogger since 2009 when we formed the virtual group.  We will be moving over our past blogs to this site under “Archives.” The move is because we like the features WordPress has to offer.

Wise Latinas Linked at SMU
Wise Latinas Linked at SMU

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Rebecca Aguilar
Founder of Wise Latinas Linked