Latinas get creative with Feliz Navidad trees this holiday season

We like to have fun at Wise Latinas Linked. One thing we noticed is how Latinas put new and fun twists in their Christmas tree decorations this year.

Some women concentrated on a Latino theme and others pulled in a little bit of this and that to make their Feliz Navidad tree stand out.

Laura Sanchez Kinkade of Fort Worth, Texas decorated her tree with all types of ornaments: piñatas, Frida, skulls, sombreros, and more.

Here’s Laura’s post on Facebook:

…here are pictures of my Feliz Navidad tree. I started buying ornaments at after-Christmas sales last year and found a few at a time between World Market, Target, Michaels, Earth Bones, and other stores throughout the year. My niece brought me the garland, sombreros, and jarritos from Guadalajara. Next time she comes I’ll have her bring me baleros, trompos, and maracas. I think their bright colors would be a good addition. By next year, I should have enough to make it the full size, main tree. I still want to add some serape fabric bows but it makes me smile every time I walk into the house.

Christmas tree by Laura Sanchez Kinkade

Nora Dominguez of Bakersfield, California put her love of the Latino culture into her tree. A big sombrero, guitars, and a Mexican blanket make this tree give you a warm and cozy feeling.  Nora celebrated on Facebook when she got her tree completely decorated.

Cultural tree done! On to the traditional tree.

Christmas tree by Nora Dominguez

Veronica Bravo of Dallas, Texas recycled and counted on garage sales, clearance sales and a little do-it-yourself to get the job done.

Veronica told us on Facebook how she put her beautiful tree together:

I’m very thrifty, so I incorporated last year’s New Years party hats, white wooden beads I found in a garage sale, ribbon from last year’s hobby lobby clearance sale, old ornaments, and last but not least, hand made bows made out of fabric that I found buried in my downstairs closet after trying to hide my daughter’s Christmas presents.

Christmas tree by Veronica Bravo

Thank you Veronica, Nora and Laura for inspiring to be creative and unique.
Happy Holidays!