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Adios Frank Artiles! No politician has the right to call anyone racial slurs

Florida State Senator Frank Artiles has resigned. News sources report the Miami lawmaker wants time for “personal reflection.”

Let’s be honest, he could not get away with calling two lawmakers “Girl” “Bitch” or the N-word.


Artiles was forced to apologize for calling two other senators racial slurs three days ago. Members of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus described Artiles as a bully. Many took to social media to unleashed their own anger on Artiles.

The people won!


News sources:
Miami Herald:  Miami lawmaker resigns over racial slur scandal

Tampa Bay Time: Frank Artiles resigns, says he needs time for personal reflection, growth

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Dear future, please prove me wrong

Gaby Natale, SuperLatina Host/Producer

Dear  future,

Please prove me wrong.

I write these lines on the morning after Donald Trump was elected president with the secret hope of being proved wrong in four years.

I can’t help but see a very dark time ahead for America and the planet.
I see the rise of both Islamophobia and terrorism, haunting the lives of innocent citizens across the globe.

I see police brutality against the most vulnerable people on the march, with nobody to bring the abusers to justice.

I see peaceful demonstrators being intimidated on the streets.

I see members of the media being pressured to stay silent or get kicked out of the White House briefings if they ask the wrong questions.

I see an economy that shrinks and closes its borders.

I see a middle class with shallow pockets struggling to make ends meet as the costs of health and education grow higher than ever before.

I see much more for the ones who already have more and close to nothing for the ones who have little.

I see sleepless immigrant families wondering if they will still be living together, under the same roof, by the break of dawn.

I see girls walking their campus in fear, as fraternity boys are now certain that nobody will hold them accountable if they judge their female counterparts by their looks or get “grabby”.

I see women in their workplaces feeling that the glass ceiling above their heads is slowly turning to steel.

I see gay, lesbians and transgendered people asking themselves if those vows they hopefully exchanged will mean anything to the new law of the land.

Trump did not hide who he was. He showed it for all of us -and his voters- to see.

You can’t say you were not warned.

Dear Future, please prove me wrong.
Gaby Natale

Gaby Natale is an national Emmy award-winning journalist and entrepreneur, host and executive producer of the TV program SuperLatina and president of AGANARmedia.  

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Latinas stand strong and united after 2016 election

Latina sisters do not fear our future.

Our Latino community proved during the 2016 election that we are a powerful group with a strong voice and vote. For those who did not support President-elect Donald Trump we have to accept the fact that he is now our leader. We have to give him chance to unite us.

I have heard you loud and clear on our Wise Latina Linked pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I recorded this video message to all of you right after meeting with a group of concerned Latinas. 

Let’s keep an open mind and heart and hope President-elect Trump will be a man who understands division gets us no where, united we are a stronger country.

Rebecca Aguilar is the founder of Wise Latinas Linked and an award-winning reporter.

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Nov. 1 Latina Equal Pay Day, fighting for our fair share


We as Latinas continue to be cheated out of fair pay. We are still making  a lot less than white males and other non-Latinas. We work the same hours for half the pay.

Although we bring attention to this issue on November 1, Latina equal pay is an issue we need to continue to bring to the attention of politicians who want our votes and businesses that want us as customers.


Look at these graphics and get informed. Remaining silent is not an option. We are not only fighting for our fair pay but also that our young Latinas who will one day enter the workforce.


Go to the AAUW website for more information. AAUW.org

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Latina says Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” brings back bad memories of her assault

Monica Garcia Saenz

No matter how much Donald Trump calls his p-word, f-word, and b-word laced conversation “locker room talk”, it has made many American’s cringe. Women around the world are sharing their horrible experiences on Twitter under the hashtag #NotOkay.

When Monica Garcia Saenz hears the Republican candidate’s excuse for his vulgar comments about groping women she thinks about being a young girl and becoming a victim of sexual assault by a stranger.

After the second presidential debate, Monica was brave enough to share her story with the members of the Wise Latinas Linked group on Facebook. We asked Monica if we could share her very painful experience. She allowed us to post her message.


Yes, Monica plans to vote for Hillary Clinton.


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Somos Mayfair leaving no child behind in the Silicon Valley

Lilian Lopez Peña told us about the organization Somos Mayfair on our Wise Latinas Linked Facebook page.  The nonprofit is setting the tone in the Silicon Valley by making sure every child has an opportunity to push forward. 


Photo by Lilian Lopez Peña

Grassroots efforts – this was evident at the 8th Annual ‪#‎GraciasALaVida‬ celebration of Somos Mayfair in San Jose yesterday. Pictured to the left is Camille Llanes-Fontanilla, the Executive Director, an agent of change and a sister in the movement.

Unbeknownst to most, there is a large Latino population in Silicon Valley this organization serves, to give a voice to otherwise hidden social inequality. Camille, along with hundreds of Latino leaders and many other professionals in the country’s mega-tech hub, came together to recommit to the cause of serving our under-privileged and to propel our children forward.

We tilted Silicon Valley yesterday, with the weight and power of our ‪#‎Latino‬ community. Under one roof, there were many social influencers.

I had the opportunity to meet former San Jose Mayor, Ron Gonzales (now President and CEO of the Hispanic Foundation of SV), a major supporter of education and literacy among our community.

The Alum Rock Union School Superintendent, Hilaria Bauer, made a special announcement: “Partnership accelerates change and it must start early – Somos Mayfair, Headstart, First 5, the Santa Clara County Office of Education and many more partner organizations, along with Alum Rock Union School District will offer universal pre-school services.”

Here is a clip of Camille as posted to Twitter by my news organization, ABC7 News Bay Area. As part of my work here and with the SF Latino Community Foundation, I suggested Somos Mayfair as an organization to receive hundreds of Disney ‪#‎MagicOfStoryTelling‬ books through First Book – they are on track for their new Disney book shipment in May/June.


I am also working on news coverage of the presentation. When I walked into the venue yesterday, Camille and staff had placed a book on every chair, which each attendee then placed into a book bin as a symbolic action of our commitment to literacy among our children. I knew I was in the right place, in the right space, in a room filled with amazing grace.

Post by Lilian Lopez Peña

Somos Mayfair > Website

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Women’s History Month: The Latina who fought for better education for Mexican children

MariaHernandezMaría Rebecca Latigo de Hernández was a civil rights activist. She worked hard to make life better for the Mexican-American community. In 1929, she co-founded the Orden Caballeros of America. The organization supported civic and civil rights.

Latigo de Hernández protested the segregation of Mexican-American children and the inferior education they were being offered at school in San Antonio, Texas. In 1970, she was instrumental in the development of the Raza Unity Party’s gain in politics.

Latigo de Hernández used radio to get her message out. She was one of the first Mexican-Americans on the radio in the 1930, and later went on to do television until the 1970’s.

Highlights of Hernández’s Life

  • Taught elementary school in Monterrey
  • Mother of 10 children.
  • 1929-Organized organization dedicated to political activities to help Mexicans.
  • 1932-first Mexican female radio announcer. 1933- Formed organization to give financial help to expectant mothers.
  • 1934-Formed organization to help get better education for Mexican community.
  • 1934-spoke on “Voz de las Americas” to promote LULAC.
  • 1938-took up works rights in the Pecan-Shellers’ Strike.
  • 1939-visited Mexico’s president to create good will between Mexico and U.S. Mexicans.
  • 1945- Book published with Hernández essays.
  • 1945- formed Club Liberal Pro-Cultura de la Mujer.
  • 1968- began bimonthly speeches on education and social progress.
  • 1968-was part of El Círculo Social Damas de América on Television in SA
  • 1968-testified before US Commission on Civil Rights on race discrimination against Mexican Americans and African Americans.
  • 1969- Board member of Círculo Social
  • 1970- became part of Raza Unida Party
  • 1986-María Hernández died of pneumonia in Lytle on January 8, 1986

More resources on María Rebecca Latigo de Hernández

Texas State Historical Association: Life of Maria Rebeca Latigo Hernandez

Latinas in the United States: Maria Rebecca Latigo de Hernandez 

Rebecca Aguilar is a freelance journalist and the founder of Wise Latinas Linked, a virtual group of 7,000 Latinas on Facebook and LinkedIn.