Rebecca Aguilar, creating a Wise Latina Sisterhood

Today, Latinas meet and connect every day on a popular Facebook group called Wise Latinas Linked (WLL).  It was a group I started in 2009 because I know Latinas have a powerful voice and vote, and we needed a place to speak up about issues, concerns and even to pat each other on the back.


#WLLProfiles will be our way to let you know about amazing Wise Latinas around the country. We may not be famous or powerful like JLO or Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but we are leaders and innovators in our own way.

Today, WLL has more than 9,000 members, and there is another branch of the group on LinkedIn too. We talk about the latest trends to the latest in politics and along the way share hobbies, travel experiences and family traditions. We are Latinas of all backgrounds and ages.


United, we can move mountains and make a difference. Today not only does Wise Latinas Linked have members all over the country, Canada, Mexico, but also abroad in Europe, Asia, South, and Central America.

I’ll always be proud to be a Wise Latina and glad to bring together Latinas to help us get ahead in this word.

-Rebecca Aguilar, Founder of Wise Latinas Linked

Author: Wiselatinaslinked

I'm Rebecca Aguilar the founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and We're a networking group with a combined membership of more than 9,000 Latinas. We share everything from challenges to successes in our lives. We also confront issues of racism, stereotypes, and inequality. Latinas matter.