Latinas support Rosie Perez, outraged over reports The View co-host was forced to apologize to Kelly Osbourne

The Daily Mail is reporting that ABC execs at The View forced co-host Rosie Perez to apologize to Kelly Osbourne.  After the show Perez had it out with the producers and then left The View for good. Never to return.

You may recall that Osbourne was filling in as a co-host on the show. The women were talking about Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant statements when Osbourne blurted out “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump.”

Osbourne’s racist comment stunned her co-hosts and the audience. Perez jumped in right away saying “oh, that’s not..oh no..” and “Latinos are not the only people doing that.”  Here’s the video.

I saw the show and knew right away Osbourne’s derogatory statement was about to go viral. According to The Daily Mail, after the show Osbourne started crying, and show executives cornered Perez forcing her to apologize on Twitter. Here’s the tweet.

The next day on Twitter, Perez did a bit more explaining.



Like most women, Latinas don’t like to told what to do. And hearing that Perez was forced to apologize to Osbourne had Latinas speaking out overwhelmingly in support of Perez on social media. Here are just a few comments from our Wise Latinas Linked members on Facebook.

M. Rascon “Wow. I think all Latinos need to boycott his show. This is just another sign of disrespect Latinos receive and why I get so passionate about this Trump issue.”

B. Wilson “Total crap. I’m glad Rosie walked off. And this is really shameful, considering how Kelly left Fashion Police after unfortunate remarks by Giuliana Rancic about singer/actress Disney star Zendeya.”

M. Galaviz “I wonder why Kelly wasn’t ‘forced’ to publicly apologize to Rosie and the Latino community for her disrespect words.”

S. Ibarra “I’m sick of Kelly Osbourne. Who made her the queen?…”

I. Marsh “No need to apologize Rosie! That pendeja let her true feelings show. She should be apologizing to you!”

A. Marcos “Beyond the ‘drama’ and the racist remark, what this demonstrates to me, is the deep embedded belief that so many people have about us…”


If ABC execs did force Perez to apologize as The Daily Mail is reporting, they should now publicly apologize to her. Perez did nothing wrong. She was standing up for Latinos. It’s called “The View” right? That was Perez’s view; defending us from a ridiculous statement.

How many times is Osbourne going to apologize for putting her foot in her mouth? How many times will she pour on the tears? It’s getting old.

Right now The View cannot afford to lose anymore viewers. Just a reminder, Latinas are not only a big voting block but we are also a big viewing block. The View’s sponsors know that too. If Latinas don’t watch the show, we don’t buy the products advertised.

Can someone tell Kelly Osbourne I would be more than willing to give her FREE classes on Sensitivity 101 and Diversity 101. The more she knows about Latinos the better for her reputation.

Rosie Perez announced she was officially leaving The View in July. Thank you Rosie  for being the strong Latina we have learned to love and respect.  Mucho exito!

Rebecca Aguilar is a freelance journalist and founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and LinkedIn. WLL is a virtual networking group of more than 7,000 Latinas.

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I'm Rebecca Aguilar the founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and We're a networking group with a combined membership of more than 9,000 Latinas. We share everything from challenges to successes in our lives. We also confront issues of racism, stereotypes, and inequality. Latinas matter.