Latino family humiliated when manager in Branson, MO refuses to do business with people who don’t speak English

Luis Diaz and his family traveled from Oklahoma City to Branson, MO a few days ago to attend a national dance competition for his sister.  Diaz thought during some downtime he and his family could see a few shows in Branson, known as the city with great entertainment.

On Thursday, Diaz and his mother, sister and brother walked into the Visitor Information by Westgate Resorts store to ask about show tickets. Diaz told me by phone that at the store he met a very helpful salesman who started offering tickets for good prices. Diaz turned to his mother and asked her in Spanish what shows she wanted to see. At that moment, the manager interrupted and suddenly Diaz says the conversation got ugly.

Here’s what Diaz posted on his Facebook page.

While we are finalizing our package (picked out a show we wanted to go watch and tickets to Silver Dollar) and getting ready to pay, the manager (in the baby blue shirt on the video) stepped in in front of the sales person and advised us he would not be granting us the discount because the discount did not apply to us. The manager then begins to yell at me and my family that we are not welcome in the store because my mom does not speak English. He than threatened us to call security if we did not leave his store. My family and I walked out of the store with my little sister crying because she was scared of the manager screaming at us. I than walked back alone to get him on video and this is what he tells me, he stated he could sell me the tickets at regular price but not discounted tickets because my mom doesn’t speak English.I believe he changed his demeanor when he realized I was recording him. Spanish-speakers don’t get access to discounted tickets or even Westgates Time shares because hey don’t speak English.

Manager at Westgate store Screenshot: Diaz Facebook
Manager at Westgate store
Screenshot: Diaz Facebook

You can see Diaz’s entire uncut video version on his Facebook page. In the video you see Diaz inquiring about tickets when the manager says “Do I speak English sir?”  The manager admits in the video that there is some kind of policy where both a “husband and wife” have to speak English to get tickets. Again Diaz was with his mother. Watch the video.

Diaz told me on the phone that the salesman never got to the point of selling any kind of timeshare if that was his objective. He also told me that his mother speaks some English and understand it, but feels more comfortable communicating in Spanish.

After his angry exchange of words with the manager, the Diaz family walked out of the store feeling embarrassed and humiliated. The salesman found them outside the store and told Diaz “Man! I’m really sorry.”


I have contacted Westgate Resorts via its social media pages to find out if it’s true the company has a policy not to do business with people who don’t speak English, even though they understand it. I also went to the company’s website in an attempt to contact the owner, David Siegel.

UPDATE on Monday: COO for Westgate Resorts responds

I guess Westgate Resort managers must not be communicating with each other, because  I found that currently the company has a Facebook page called Westgate Resorts Español. Everything on there is posted in Spanish. Obviously someone at Westgate realized the importance of having Spanish-language marketing material on social media.

I also learned when I called Westgate Resorts 800 Customer Service number that you’re given the option to talk to an operator in Spanish if  you punch the #2. I couldn’t get any answers there because customer service is closed on weekends.

Screenshot courtesy: Facebook
Screenshot courtesy: Facebook

It’s very sad that Diaz and his family had to endure such harsh treatment. And by the feedback that he is getting on his Facebook page, the incident has hit a nerve with Latinos.

It’s also sad that this manager had such an ugly attitude towards a family that just wanted to see a few shows for a good price in Branson. I’ve always heard people in Branson are a friendly bunch.

I hope I get answers from Westgate Resorts, because today I don’t think any business can afford to turn away the buying power of Latinos. But you only get our business when we are treated as equals and with respect.

Update Monday: The COO for Westgate Resorts gave me a response. >>Full Story

Rebecca Aguilar is a freelance journalist and founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and LinkedIn. WLL is a virtual networking group of more than 7,000 Latinas.

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I'm Rebecca Aguilar the founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and We're a networking group with a combined membership of more than 9,000 Latinas. We share everything from challenges to successes in our lives. We also confront issues of racism, stereotypes, and inequality. Latinas matter.

108 thoughts on “Latino family humiliated when manager in Branson, MO refuses to do business with people who don’t speak English”

  1. Thank you for doing an article about this family horrible experience. It was absurd to denie them the discount packages only base on race/language. This needs to be spread around so in the future there wont be more discrimination towards Hispanic families.

    1. I suggest looking up how timeshare discounts work. There are similar rules for all of them. Not because they’re racist, but because they can’t sell timeshares to people who can’t understand the sales pitch.

      1. Sign language is a language. Does this include those deaf or hearing impaired. Many read lips but ate more comfortable using sign with each other.
        I hate knowing there is still so much prejudice, especially in Branson or MO.

      2. That is irrelevant because only the elderly mother was speaking Spanish, and she understood English but was more comfortable in Spanish. I can see how they can’t really sell to someone who doesn’t understand the sales pitch (and that both the husband and wife have to speak English so they can be sure they are in agreement on the purchase) but the son and wife spoke English. That manager was way out of line and freaked out and became insulting, just because he heard Spanish being spoken. Westgate probably makes accommodations in some places and does the presentation in Spanish. They are not going to give up a customer, because of language.

    2. Diana, this article is very misleading. Westgate resorts sells tickets at full price to English and Spanish-speaking customers. The requirements to take the tour at Westgate in order to get the discount price requires that you speak English because they do not have Spanish-speaking sales representatives at Westgate Branson Woods. The guy that made this video was trying to pull a fast one on you.

      1. Roland, no one trying to pull “a fast one.” Mr. Diaz saw “tickets” on the outside the store.He Entered to buy tickets. If the kind salesman was going to trying to sell Mr.Diaz, he did not know that. Mr. Diaz says they only talked about tickets to some good shows before the manager entered the picture. How do you know they have no Spanish-speaking sales reps? Do you work there? Any information would help clarify things–Rebecca

      2. This video is does NOT represent Latinos in a good way! This guy was trying to get a rouse out of the seller and was even asked to leave. I used to work for Westgate and they are not being racist. It’s called LANGUAGE BARRIER. This Latino guy could have STILL BOUGHT TICKETS! But as the ticket seller told him clearly, he could not sell him the discounted tickets at that time. Sometimes it depends on who is on the sales floor that speaks Spanish. There are requirements for WHITE PEOPLE TOO! If US WHITEYS do not meet those requirements WHITE PEOPLE do NOT get to take the tour. Has nothing to do with race. Freaking people I swear. Next time… How about CALLING corporate or Westgate Branson Woods first, instead of barging in on some guy that is in OPC booth.

    3. This is not a ticket seller. They represent a timeshare resort as it says on the sign. They offer discounts in exchange for taking a sales tour of their resort. The salesman hadn’t even gotten to that point of his salespitch before the manager interrupted. This was not just a refusal to sell tickets. I couldn’t get them as a single mother either.

      1. The resorts here that have Spanish speaking sales people, don’t have that as a qualification. Also, finances, marital status, etc. Are some of the other requirements. The goal is to sell a timeshare…why Westgate ‘ s name is on the sign. Salespeople use alot of tactics to sell the tour, especially this one that the manager interrupted. His employee hadn’t gotten to that point in his sales pitch. I used to do this work, so I know the format. Once the clients are sold on the idea of the cheap tickets, the rules are thrown out there to be sure they qualify and they schedule their sales tour and show tickets at that point.

  2. Thank you for this article. We live within driving distance of Branson and I appreciate the information. This country was founded on principles of tolerance and I am happy to avoid spending my money at a place that does not treat everyone with respect.

    1. We always have fun in Branson. I can promise you there’s no such policy. The manager is just a jerk. I’ve never met such a horrible person in Branson before. What this family had to go through is ridiculous and unfair. I hope the manager is fired immediately.

  3. I’m a long time patriarch of Branson, MO and never had any problems with the hospitality I received there, I am fifty eight years of age. After listening to this story, I will not do business with Branson no longer, and I have sold all profit sharing. And will no longer do any more business with anyone or business that discriminates against any person of color.

    1. Steven thank you for your feedback. I don’t think other businesses in Branson should be punished for this manager’s actions. So far this is the only incident I have heard of where Latinos have been disrespected. Do you know of more?

    2. You won’t do business because one human living there is a jerk? That’s just as bad as the one jerk in the story?

      1. Addison, actually if you read the story I talked about one incident, in one store, with one manager in Branson. As I also said, Branson is known for having fun people and good entertainment. —Rebecca

      1. I hope that the Branson Landing office was notified as well. Their name is up on that sign too!

  4. Apparently this manager has imposed his personal ideas on his workers and potential customers. What does lack of English have to do with making use of the services they offer? Apparently he does not realize that money speaks all languages!!

  5. This place sits on a taxpayer street and therefore is open for business to any and all who can pay for a ticket…you need to file a complaint with the better business bureau in that city.

  6. Having been born and raised in Missouri I remember Branson and Silver Dollar City well. Although during my childhood I would not have been allowed as a guest. It is 2015 and it saddens me to see that this kind of behavior exists, especially at tourist attractions! West gate Resorts certainly will not be a place that I will be spending my money, that’s for sure

  7. It was a blessing in disguise. Those great “offers” are a come on, and the contracts they sell are a total rip off. We have filed a complaint with the Attorney General for false presentations. The Branson Chamber of Commerce told me they have no power to make the timeshare people change their tactics. I hope this people had better experiences elsewhere.

      1. That’s because you only get to that point in the sales pitch at a certain time and date. Only after the pitch do you actually receive the tickets… They don’t like to tell people that part. Yeah their sneaky, but their equally sneaky with everyone. Woot contributing to the race war. It’s articles like this that ate causing hatred and division. Way to go. At least you got more attention which is all you media assholes are doing this for anyway.

  8. I am from Southwest Missouri and live just north of Branson.

    First, I apologize on behalf of my community for this manager’s actions. I do not know if the time share company, nor their policies, but I do know that the behavior was anything close to the down-home and welcoming behavior we are proud of here in the Ozarks. While you may find some people here (as you would anywhere) who believe that discrimination of this type is acceptable, a majority of us believe it to be reprehensible and on behalf of all of us, I apologize.

    Secondly, I ask that you please not judge the community of Branson based on the tasteless behavior of an individual. Branson is a great destination and I hope that others can enjoy the atmosphere without these types of remarks.

    Again, my sincerest apologies.

    1. Matt thank you for your feedback. As I have reminded everyone who has commented, this article is about one incident at one store involving one manager in Branson. As I said in my article, Branson is known for great entertainment and people there are known as a “friendly bunch.” I’m sure Mr. Diaz appreciates the apology. Let’s hope Westgate has this manager apologize. —Rebecca

  9. I agree that manager was an ass which a lot of timeshare opc manager are especially as soon as the figure out that the customer is nq (not qualified) for what they ultimately want to sell you, Many resort in Branson do these discount tickets so that you will then spend “90 minutes” listening to their spiel pn vacation ownership, They have certain qualification, income being the first one second is that if a person is married both parties must attend and be able to understand the presentation. So this manager did not handle it well but many timeshare sales people are very brutal.

  10. I’m from Springfield. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Don’t let them dupe you with the websites in Spanish; I’s sure those services are to steer you more towards places where you “belong”. This place is bigotry central. Add to it that Branson is mainly a town full of various schemes (“free market airport” paid by taxes; here today, gone tomorrow developments, etc) ran by the locals…

    1. Trent, Springfield is a completely different place than Branson…don’t speak for us. There have been alot of scams here, many be people from other places, like Springfield, who come and take advantage of the hospitality here and the tourists to make their money, dupe the unsuspecting locals, then leave. Westgate is a very large company that has resorts all over. They also employ people from all around the world. After you have lived here 20 years and actually know how Branson works, not all of it to my liking, then you can give your educated opinion. My family is Hispanic, By the way. 🙂

  11. I used to vacation in Branson a few times a year when I lived just a few hours away. I have lived in the area for about 2 years now. What happened with that manager is horrible. Not everyone and place in the Branson area is like that. Many places are extremely accommidting to those who don’t speak English. My fiancé and I work in the local area and have even taken it upon ourselves to learn some basic Spanish. Where my fiancé works they have several people who speak different languages who are always willing to do their best to try and help translate so you have the best experience. Please don’t let one person’s bad behavior spoil your time here. Majority of people are still very welcoming to anyone. I wish you all the best experices in the future.

  12. I used to vacation in the Branson are before moving here 2 years ago. I love this area because of it’s rich and accepting cultural diversity from it’s locals and visitors. What happened with that manager is horrible. My fiancé and I both work in the local area. We have even taken it upon ourselves to learn some basic conversation in Spanish. At his workplace they have several people who speak different languages that are always willing to try their best to translate so you have a good experience. Please do not let one bad person spoil it for you. There are many people here who would love you business and locals who are kind that will greet you with open arms. I wish you all the best experiences in the future and hope you still come back to Branson!

    1. Rae4589 thank you for your feedback. As I reminded all the readers who have commented;this story is about one incident in one store involving one manager in Branson. Most people know that Branson is known for great entertainment and nice people. —Rebecca

  13. I know this guy. He used to come into a bar that I worked at years ago. Never would have imagined him behaving this way. But you never really get to know the true nature of people. Sorry you were treated that way. Not everyone in Branson is mean.

  14. I used to sell timeshare in Branson. There are guidelines on who gets to participate in timeshare presentations, aka receive discounted packages (whether the packages be for shows or hotel stays) in exchange for listening to the presentation and tour. “Listening” being a key word here. Aka, understanding. In Branson, timeshare presentations are done in English. Maybe they have Spanish options/versions/speakers in other resort areas.
    The media has apparently turned this into a “racism” deal. (Of course). When it actually would have had more to do with him being there with his mother than his wife. So kudos to his mother for looking young! Haha.
    It is normal that both husband and wife MUST be present together.
    The salesman should be reprimanded for jumping the gun and offering the discounts without qualifying the “couple” first.
    And the manager should be reprimanded for being an asshole and making the people feel bad.
    I’m sure that not every Westgate resort has the rule that both husband and wife speak English, but for every timeshare resort in Branson it’s probably the case. Because they are expecting you to drop a bunch of money and close on the deal the day of the presentation, and I’m sure Branson is lacking in Spanish speaking timeshare salesman.

    On another note, my sister and her husband booked a trip to Branson a few weeks ago from a telemarketing call. Whenever they got all the way down there, after loading up all the kids, packing, getting the dog to a babysitter and getting excited for their trip, they checked in to the resort sales office only to be absolutely and positively turned away and refused service because they didn’t have a major credit card. Because they are cash and debit card only, and have been for years and years.
    Too bad they’re white or they could have probably turned it into a race issue and sued or something. Haha.

    Let me say again though, I don’t agree with the bad treatment of this poor family and it could have been handled WAY better.

    1. Jen, thanks for your feedback and explanation about timeshares. Mr. Diaz saw the word “tickets” on the outside of the store and went in there to buy ticket for some shows. He did not realize that he was being sold discounted tickets for a timeshare presentation if that was the salesman’s objective. I did not say in my story if you read it that this was a “racism deal” only that a Latino man spoke Spanish to his mother who understands and speaks some English and was treated in a very rude and derogatory manner. The incident that happened to your family being turned away for not having a major credit card is actually a story that many reporters who cover business and consumer issues would be interested in. Did you contact someone from the media? That is my advice. —Rebecca

      1. The major credit card is a requirement for a couple of reasons. One being that their credit is probably decent if they have one. Other, hopes are that they would buy the timeshare with it…quite common practice in the timeshare world, as are the “hooks” of the tickets.

      2. Yes, you are correct that you did not explicitly say that it was an issue of race, but pointing out that Mr. Diaz was a Latino man speaking Spanish was clearly an implication that this was an issue about race or why even include those details. If you were not implying that this was an issue about race, you would have written a story about a man and his family being denied ticket sales in Branson, which would not have been a story at all, omitting any details that had to do with the race of the customers. You knew what you were doing when you wrote this story, trying to point out an issue that developed solely from the race of the participants, so please do not try and deny that now.

      3. Dan, thanks for your input. Actually I wrote a story about a manager who denied tickets to a family who spoke Spanish and he assumed did not speak English. In the end, a Latino family was not given the opportunities and benefits at this store that other families are given. And I didn’t even have to point out Mr. Diaz was Latino. His last name says it all. –Rebecca

    2. I mean if you live in America you should speak English or take classes to learn English, it’s our nations language. If your a tourist then it’s ok to speak your language, you are giving money to our country. If a place says you have to speak English then you have to speak English. I feel sorry for the family, just go somewhere else for a ticket.

      1. Travis, if you read my story I do say that Mr. Diaz and his mother speak English. All he did was ask his mother in Spanish what shows she wanted to see. Remember we live in America and some of us are bilingual. —Rebecca

  15. This is total BS! I would not set foot in that store. That man should be fired without unemployment. Racism is wrong! Love one another! My goodness we dont have enough love in the world. I just feel horrible you were subjected to such negativity. Bless all of you. Hugs!

  16. I used to live in Branson in the apartments behind Dixie Stampede. I think that this manager should not only be fined, but he should be made to buy all the tickets, dinner and a room at a resort for this family. Then he should be kicked the hell out of Branson and never be able to step foot in the city again!

    Branson was built on the backs of Mexicans, whites, blacks and every other race. So who is he too tell someone they won’t be treated as equals because of a lousy laureate barrier? I wish I knew this guy’s name!

    1. A single parent also would not have qualified. The manager handled it wrongly, but there are rules to qualify because this is not about ticket sales, but timeshare sales.

  17. What a horrible situation! Maybe I’m mistaken, but I sense an apologetic undertone in the article–clarifying that the customer was with his mom (not in fact a husband/wife as per the alleged company policy) and that mom does in fact speak English, but prefers Spanish. I end up “explaining” for my family too often so I understand, but it isn’t necessary! There’s nothing wrong with being multilingual, or even monolingual and needing the assistance of family!

  18. People know that they are getting a discount for taking a tour. Many resorts will not tour a single person especially men. They cannot tour a mother and son and if the resort does not have a bilingual sales person they cannot legally complete a sale. The OPC has rules he has to follow.They do not discount the tickets out of the goodness of their hearts. They make money off of the tours. Mr. Diaz had a bit of a hot head as well, at least from what I heard in the video.

    1. This happens all the time with with opc;s I think the only reason that it is such a big deal is because somebody decided to make race the focus. it would not be a good story if it happened to Mr and Mrs John Smith that did not meet the required income,

      1. Melinda, I appreciate your feedback. I did not say it was a “race” issue. It was an issue of a manager who got ugly with two people who spoke Spanish in his store. Two people who also speak English and understand it. And it would be a story if Mr & Mrs. Smith were treated with disrespect and in a derogatory manner, at least in my book. —Rebecca

    2. Marvalie thanks for your input. Mr. Diaz thought he was just getting discounted tickets. Because he read “tickets” on the canopy outside the store. As you can see in my story, the salesman who first dealt with him had not gotten to any timeshare information if that was the objective. —Rebecca

  19. After reading both the article and the comments, I have to wonder if all of the commenters actually read the article. According to Mr. Diaz’s comments, it sounds like Westgate Resorts and the city of Branson aren’t the problem. It’s just one bigot at the Westgate Resorts Branson office who is highly likely to lose his job tomorrow, once a higher level supervisor at Westgate Resorts headquarters finds out about his stupidity.

  20. The timeshares use the cheap tickets as a hook to get people to take tours and hopefully, buy at their resorts. Most of the salespeople (OPCs) present the great offer first, then throw out the part about the 90 minute tour after they have their hearts set on the great ticket offer. Sounds like this format was used in this instance, but the manager came in mid-spiel and talked out-of-turn. This was an individual acting inappropriately, not a representation of company policies. There are several resorts here that actually offer the tours in Spanish also. Not indicative of Branson, as a whole.

  21. I will share this story. This is certainly the grain of pepper in the salt shaker of love and kindness in Branson.. Maybe it will spread like wildfire..and if nothing else, I hope the family gets an invite to stay at the resort as an apology.

  22. I am appalled that this happened in the town in which I live and work!!! Please know that this is NOT the norm for Branson!!! In fact, we welcome ALL visitors!!! Please do not write Brnason off just because of the rude, inexcusable behavior by one person!!!!

    1. Connie, thank you for your feedback. This article is about one incident, with one Latino family, in one store involving one manager. Mr. Diaz told me on Sunday that the rest of his time in Branson has been fun. —Rebecca

  23. Ill be brief. TImeshare comapanies offer discounted tickets in exchange for you and your familys 90 minutes of time to sit through a timeshare sales presentation. Legally you must be a US citizen. Where this guy messed up was he ASSUMED if she didnt speak english, she either wasnt a us citizen, or wouldnt be able to understand the pitch on the front line of sales when it came down to it. They do not want to sell discount tickets to people who more than likely wont purchase thier timeshare. It does seem like he was more than asinine about it, but thats Branson. I hope you guys had a good time here, other than dealing with this jack ass.

    1. J–Mr.Diaz told me that the rest of his trip to Branson has been fine. And I appreciate your explanation about the timeshare. As I mentioned in my story, the salesman never got to the timeshare portion of his pitch because he was interrupted. Mr. Diaz admits he had no idea the salesman was going to try to sell him a timeshare if that was his objective. —Rebecca

  24. He does live in America. Not racist but honesty westgate cant have every language covered with salesman that speaks it. Its probably safe they stick to the national language. How long has this mans mom been in America and not know English? I wouldn’t go to Mexico and be pissed when a promotion is only valid to people that reside in the country and speak the native language.

    1. Eric, Westgate does serve the Spanish-speaking community because as I said in my story they have a customer service 800-number in Spanish and even a Facebook page in Spanish. As I said in my article, Mr. Diaz’s mother does speak English and understands it. The manager assumed because they spoke Spanish in the store that she was not able to understand. And if you travel to Mexico today from Cancun to Mexico City, many business owners speak English because they know American’s have dollars to spend. Thank you for your feedback. –Rebecca

    2. Eric Wallen, perhaps it would surprise you to learn that America does not have a national language.

  25. My husband and I used to work at WG in Branson and they do not discriminate against any nationalities. My husband knows this guy and says he is an a**hat. IT seems that my husband is going to contact our old boss in Branson and let him know about this little incident.

    1. Terry thank you very much for your feedback. My hope is that someone at Westgate will talk to me about this one incident. I have been trying to get Westgate to confirm what this manager told Mr. Diaz. –Rebecca

  26. Thank you for sharing this story. I am appalled that you would be treated like this. I do work in the same industry (not Westgate) we have many Spanish speaking owners of our program and others that take the presentations but it just didn’t work for them. And that’s ok too. Please do not let this total disrespect of this individual reflect on our complete community. I apologize in behalf of Branson and as a community we welcome ALL to visit and enjoy time with their loved ones.

  27. This article is very deceptive. The discount is based on a couple’s going to hear a presentation for time sharing (or something). So, of course, both of the spouses need to speak English, in order to understand what is being said.

    1. Michael, I just explained what Mr. Diaz experienced. As I explained he never go the “timeshare” talk because his conversation was interrupted if that was the salesman’s objective. Thanks for your input–Rebecca

    2. Um, no. The only language that should matter is what language your money speaks. Bottom line, this jackass employee made some idiotic assumptions based on race and the language that happened to be spoken in his presence. If this business is happy with that, then fine — lots of people have seen this article and will take their business elsewhere. Regardless of what this one employee did, whatever the company’s policy is about who “qualifies” for a ticket discount (more idiocy), then, shockingly, there are countless ways to handle it that are respectful and, hey, even constitute (another shocker) good customer service.

      Those of you trying to excuse this dude’s racism are making up facts to back up your own point of view.

      And for those of you saying, oh please, don’t think all of Branson is like this, this just reinforces my stereotype of what the place is. If you really think being welcoming to all visitors is a virtue, then it’s on you to make sure your community really is that way. Rather than ask me as a potential visitor there to find the non-racist people/establishments there, you all need to challenge the racists in your own community.

  28. This is wrong, period. And he should be fired immediately! I am so very sorry this happened to Mr. Diaz and his family. I worked in Branson for many years, this is not how we treat people. We welcomed folks from all over the world and states. Everyone I knew went out of their way to help folks who needed or asked for help. I’m very sorry and sad that this hurtful situation will be the memory they have of Missouri and Branson.

    1. Mary, thanks for your feedback. As I mentioned this story is about one incident, one store, and one manager in Branson. I also mentioned that Branson is known for having nice people. –Rebecca

  29. Katya, just a reminder that this story is about one incident in one store involving one manager in Branson. Let’s be fair to the rest of the businesses in Branson. —Rebecca

  30. Si, Katya. Este Situacion paso con uno solo persona…no todos de Branson, ni de la compania!! Yes, Katya, this situation happened with only one person, not all of Branson or all of the company!!

  31. The manager did them a favor. I hate time share pitches. I swear I would rather pay full price and then some than let some jerks try to bilk me with the most depraved psychological manipulations known to man.

  32. I understand there is a “screening” process. Yes, I understand that they can’t communicate their “sales pitch” to someone that speaks another language. What I DON’T understand is the behavior of the manager. He did not handle the situation appropriately and should be immediately terminated. Another question for those that have some sort of explanation of why the discount couldn’t be given. First, the company was selling to an English speaking, Hispanic male. Just because he wanted to know which shows his mother would like, does not mean he was not the one purchasing the tickets. They could have done the sales pitch with Mr. Diaz. Someone said they do not have Spanish speaking sales associates…..BUT THEY HAD A TRANSLATOR RIGHT THERE! Mr. Diaz could have translated if his mother was the purchaser. There is absolutely no excuse for this. I am from the Green Forest, AR area and travel to Branson all of the time. I am also a mystery shopper and have seen many secret shops for timeshare agencies. I will definitely be taking a Hispanic male pretending to not speak English to pose as my husband. I hope the company issues a formal apology to this family.

  33. Speak English if you live in the United States it’s not that hard if we went to Mexico or Germany etc we would learn the language

    1. M, you need to read my story. Mr. Diaz speaks both languages. His mother does too. But he asked her a question in Spanish in the store. Next time please sign your name. Be proud to sign you name. –Rebecca

  34. It’s unfortunate, Branson is a great place with a very good Latino community. Very good and hard working people. You must understand that there are Idiotic and Bigoted people everywhere. The tone of the article made me feel like they are saying that Branson is anti Latino. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Branson would not function without the many Latinos that live and work there. The Diaz family unfortunately ran into one of the idiots that thinks that anyone that doesn’t speak English in the US is rude. Yet, that same idiot would likely go to Mexico or Europe and expect them to talk to him in English and not have an accent.

    1. Kirk, I never said that folks in Branson are anti-Latino. In fact I said that Branson is known for good entertainment and friendly people. Again a reminder this was one incident that happened in one store with one manager. —Rebecca

  35. It is amazing that so many of you are commenting about this article and slamming the resort manager, yet you have no comment about why he stopped the sale. At least two comments explained why the sale had to be stopped. But that doesn’t satisfy all of this need to point the finger and scream ‘racist’ at someone. I have been to this location. It is very obvious that you don’t get the discount without the sales pitch. There are quite a few requirements to get to the sales pitch and therefore, to get the discount. It is done that way so they don’t waste time trying to sell to people who are unable to purchase for any one of many reasons. It is shameful that you all are so quick to scream ‘racist’ because someone is trying to follow rules. If the manager were latino would it be okay for him to deny the discount?

  36. I have contacted family that work of David Siegel in Florida. I live in Branson and this is just wrong. I will make sure David hears about this.

  37. I used to live and work in Branson, MO. My son still live and work there. I move for health reasons. It’s a great place. I don’t know about the timeshares, but have frriends that work for Westgate Resorts. The action of this solely manager don’t reflect the actions of other people there or other places in Branson. Still a great place to spend time with your family.

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